The University of Nairobi held a successful graduation ceremony on Friday, September, 25, 2022 at Taifa Hall. During the event, Prof. Patrick Verkoojein was awarded a Doctor of Science (Honoris Causa). He is The CEO of the Global Centre on Adaptation and a renowned researcher and a distinguished global climate adaptation leader.


Speaking during the event, the Chancellor, Dr. Vijoo Rattansi, urged graduands to find role models worth emulating and should things get tough and they want to quit, never to give up.  She also pointed out great personalities who have achieved great success like Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg and Sam Wallmart." 
Its never too early or too late to find yourself. Its always easy to give up. Be daring and couragious enough to succeed," she said. 

Chair of University Council, Prof. Miriam Were, observed that the University of Naiobi play a strategic roles in developing human capital. She pointed out that as the Council, they will play a leading role in supporting the university towards research, enterprenuership and improving students welfare. The university is working on skills center to equip students with soft skills. 

Education Principal Secretary, Amb. Simon Nabukwesi, urged graduands do do their best and avoid contributing to the moral decay in the country. He urged the University to develop global linkages  to attract research grants and to sustain their core mandate of teaching and learning.  

The Vice Chancellor, Prof. Stephen Kiama, noted that the graduands are well equipped and ready to succeed.  " They shall conquer the earth, they shall not sit back and complain, but will offer solutions," he said. He opined that the University of Nairobi has produced the President, Deputy President and all the judges of the Supreme Court, Speakers of National Assembly and the Speaker of the Senate among others.  
He took the opportunity to point out achievements , among them include : reduced financial wastages, automated university processes, automated financial process, technology in delivery of services, paperless operations in many cases, terminated leases, shifted publicity online, eradicated some functions, suspended appointments and focus on flagship programs. 

Dr. Amit Thakar, who was speaking on behalf of the University of Nairobi Alumni Association, urged graduands to utilize their skills to transform our communities, our country and the world. To those who wish to venture in business, he reminded them of the words of Chris Kirubi, "Business is always a struggle, there are competitors. Every great success is always achieved by fight. The Men who succeed are the efficient few. They have the will power to develop themselves."

We wish all the graduands success in their endevours.