Student Projects in Centre for Translation and Interpretation

Academic Years
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Project NameStudent Name Academic YearProject Link
Can Science And Technology Become A Threat To The Interpreter’s Career Mitchel Zagabe Luhono 2014/2015 View Details
The Challenges Of Euphemism In Interpretation Paul Mwaura Kamau 2014/2015 View Details
Involvement Of Interpreting Services Consumers In The Training Of Interpreters In Africa Ephreim Kamanzi 2014/2015 View Details
Challenges Facing Quality Interpreting And Translation And The Future Of Professional Interpreting And Translating In Kenya Mboha Sila Ogonji 2014/2015 View Details
Dealing With Polysemuous Words Paul Ope Odhiambo 2014/2015 View Details
The Relevance Of Human Translator Of Increased Technology In The 21st Century: A Case Study Of The United Nations At Nairobi Mwebesa Patrick 2014/2015 View Details
The Challenges Of Texts Production In The Media Industry In The Technological Era: A Case Study Of Nation Media Group Co. Mercella Mainye Moraa 2014/2015 View Details
Types Of Figurative Language Used In The Play Merchants Of Venice: An Investigation Nicholas Mutuma Mwirebua 2014/2015 View Details
Challenges Of Subtitling In Audiovisual Translation Priscilla Wanjeri Ngaca 2014/2015 View Details
Audience Tolerance Levels To Indigenous Vs Non-indigenous Interpreter Duncan Oyaro Nyanamba 2014/2015 View Details
Challenges Of Sign Language Interpreting During Teaching: A Case Study Of The University Of Nairobi. Leonida Tausi Kaula 2013/2014 View Details
Challenges Of Dubbing In Translation Elizabeth Asaala 2013/2014 View Details
Challenges In Translating & Transcribing Kenyan Sign Language In Prerequisite Fields: The Case Of Law Courts Rachel C. W. Koigi 2013/2014 View Details
Development Of Scientific And Technological Swahili Terminology: Borrowing And Calquing, Versus, Neologism And Coinage. Joseph Mwangi Kinyanjui 2013/2014 View Details
Challenges In Translation Of Tense, Aspect And Mood From French To English K’ooko Mak'oniare Oduor 2013/2014 View Details
Gaps And Challenges In Terminology: The Case Of The Dholuo – English Dictionary (diksonari Mar Dholuo-dhongere) By Asenath Bole Odaga Ambrose Rachier 2013/2014 View Details
Challenges And Strategies Of Translating Mobile Network Services From English To Kiswahili: A Case Of Safaricom In Kenya. Alfred Sanday Wandera 2013/2014 View Details
Translation Challenges Of Similes And Metaphors: A Case Study Of Treasure Island Translated As Kisiwa Chenye Hazima Beatrice Undisa Akundabweni 2013/2014 View Details
Cultural Taboos As A Factor In Interpretation In The Medical Field.the Case Study Of The Meridian Hospital Fredrick Aluchula Munane 2013/2014 View Details
Translation As Deconstruction: The Case Of The National Cohesion And Integration Commission On Coded Language Marrie W. Mugira 2013/2014 View Details
Challenges Of Translating Symbolism, Wordplay And Repetition In Plays, A Case Study Of S. A. Mohamed‟ S “amezidi” And It‟s Translation „„he‟s Far Too Much‟‟ By Sarah Weschler And Niwaeli Kimambo Shiroko Everlyne Masakhwe 2013/2014 View Details
Addressing The Challenges Of Transferring A Writter’s World View: A Case Study Of The Translation Of The Book Of Leviticus Into Dholuo Suzanne Z. Koteng’ 2013/2014 View Details
Translating Connectives From French To English: Challenges And Strategies Rurii Mercy Wambui 2012-2013 View Details
Challenges Of Translating Greeting Routines From Swahili To English: A Case Study Of “kifo Kisimani” And “maua Kwenye Jua La Asubuhi” Kimotho Githinji Gabriel 2012-2013 View Details
Face Threatening Acts And Their Mitigation Strategies In Relation To Translation Mwangi Richard Gichuki 2012-2013 View Details
Literary And Untranslational Complications In The Translation Of The Government Inspector From English To Kiswahili Eileen Mwendwa Mutwiri 2012-2013 View Details
Translation Inadequecies In The English Version Of Kinjeketile Kuloba Agnes Nafula 2012-2013 View Details
Topic And Focus Entities In German And English Utterances: Mismatches And Translation Challenges. Dorcas Wangui Cege 2012-2013 View Details
Simultaneous Interpretation Of Culture-bound References: A Case Study Of Student Interpreter Working From Kiswahili Into English. Andwati Nelson Alukaya 2012-2013 View Details
Figurative Language And Culture-bound Terms In Interpreting: Challenges And Effects Ndichu Rachael Nyambura 2012-2013 View Details
The Linguistic Challenges Faced By Kenyan Sign Languages Interpreters Of The Proceedings Of The Kenya National Assembly Rachel Christine Wanjiru Koigi 2012-2013 View Details
The Impact Of Directionality In Simultaneous Interpreting For African Interpreters: A Case Study Of An Anglophone French-english Student Interpreter. Trufosa Ogonda 2011/2012 View Details
Translation Challenges Of Kiswahili Plays: A Case Study Of Maua Kwenye Jua La Asubuhi By Kithaka Wa Mberia 2004 And Kijeketile By Ebrahim Hussein 1969. Nduta Muruga 2011/2012 View Details
Translating Regional Specific Words From English To Kiswahili : A Case Study Of Animal Farm Translated As Shamba La Wanyama. Moses Wafula Opilo 2011/2012 View Details
Translation And Technology: Factors That Influence A Translator’s Decision To Use Or Not To Use Modern Technology In The Translation Process Kadzo R. Kenga 2011/2012 View Details
Mismatches In Translating Figurative Language: A Semantic / Pragmatic Problem Of Metaphors. Florence Wangui Mithamo 2011/2012 View Details
Pronominal Arguments In Translation: A Case Study Of Translating Between English And Kiswahili Kamundi Henry Mutugi 2011/2012 View Details
Analysis Of The Most Frequent Mistakes In Simultaneous Interpretation And Why They Occur Doris Mutisya 2010/2011 View Details
Challagnges Of Note Taking In Consecutive Interpreting Training At The University Of Nairobi Evelyne Lusenaka 2010/2011 View Details
Challenges Of Neologinization On The Internet Rufus Karani 2010/2011 View Details
Challenges Of Attaining Equivalence In Television News Translations In Kenya Onesmus Kilonzo 2010/2011 View Details
Intratextual Syntactic And Lexical Inconsistencies In English-into-french Translation: A Case Study Of The African Charter For Public Service Theophan Marube 2010/2011 View Details
Machine Translation Of Embedded Clauses English > French. A Comparative Analysis Of Google And Yahoo. Babelfish Translate Ramndani Aziz O. 2010/2011 View Details
Issues Of Language Structure In Machine Translation: A Case Study Of English And Kiswahili. Sarah Ndanu Ngesu 2010/2011 View Details
Issues Of Kiswahili Language Interference In Students ‘english Translation And Vice Versa: A Case Study Of Master /undergraduate Translations In English And Kiswahili. Muchiri M. George 2011/2012 View Details

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