October 24, 9:00 am


Depending on your discipline, perspectives on, and requirements for research grant proposal writing differ.  However, there are general principles and approaches to writing bankable proposals. The Research Grant Proposal Writing MasterClass shall follow four broad steps:

  1. Problem Definition – Participants will be walked through a tested process for identifying the key problem they want to work on, placing it in context of the impact solving the problem would have.
  2. Project Design – Within this step, discussions will centre around clearly defining the objectives of the proposed project and developing an outline for how the problem will be solved to achieve the desired outcomes. The learning will focus on use of the logical framework approach.
  3. Writing the Proposal – Only now can we begin to discuss the actual writing of the proposal. The discussion will focus on the key sections that make up a grant proposal, what should be included in each and the order they should be written in.
  4. Refinement – Once a full draft of the proposal is complete, it should be polished before submission.  What are some of the key areas to pay attention to will be the focus of presentation and discussion.

During the two-day masterclass participants will be provided each day with lunch, teas and morning bottle of water.