special needs

At the Faculty of Social Sciences (FSS), we provide adequate support to students and members of staff living with disabilities.  

If you have a disability, we understand that you encounter certain challenges in the course of your studies and therefore a lot of things have to be organized and provided for you so that you can study as successfully as possible.

FSS aims to enable you to have equal opportunities with regard to your studies. Together with you, we will gladly establish what your particular needs are.

The following are some of the support services that are available for students with special needs;

  • Advocacy and /or advice on issues related to disability
  • Suitable accommodation for students with disability.
  • Provision of disability aids such as hearing aids,
  • Repair and maintenance of mobility, visual and auditory aids
  • Sign language training and interpreter services for the hearing impaired
  • Braille services and printed material in alternative formats for the visually impaired
  • Consultative and counselling support for students with disabilities
  • Transport within and outside of the University for students with physical disabilities.

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