Vision, Mission & Core Values

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A world class centre of excellence committed to providing quality training, research and practice in translation and interpretation


To build human capacity and provide services in the fields of translation, and conference and community interpreting through training, research and consultancy

Core Values

  1. Academic excellence in the learning and teaching of translation and interpretation
  2. Creativity and innovation in developing and utilizing modern techniques and technologies in translation and interpretation
  3. Ensuring quality customer care in provision of services
  4. Freedom of thought and expression in the learning and practice of translation and interpretation
  5. Promote equality, equity and fairness for all
  6. Acknowledging and respecting the diversity of languages and cultures
  7. Integrity and meritocracy
  8. Encouraging and practicing teamwork and cooperation in all activities
  9. Upholding professionalism and ethics in training, research and practice of translation and interpretation
  10. Enhancing and safeguarding good corporate citizenship and social responsibility through efficiency, effectiveness and inclusiveness

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