Why Study Master of Arts in Translation

  • For the fun, prestige and pleasure of working with different languages
  • In order to explore and understand details and secrets of different languages and language transfer.
  • In order to understand the importance of translation and how it works across different cultures.
  • In order to learn about and develop skills in terminology and technologies of translation.
  • So that they are able to participate and work effectively in international inter-connectedness
  • In order to acquire professional skills in language transfer and get a job in the field.

Student Profile

  • You language combination includes English and at least one relevant language from among:  Kiswahili, French, Spanish, and Arabic.
  • You are interested in other languages.
  • You are curious and knowledgeable about current affairs, arts, history, literature and culture.
  • You are interested in reading, writing and all aspects of language use.

At the Centre for Translation and Interpretation

  • You will learn to appreciate and manipulate different languages
  • You will get quality professional training in all areas of translation
  • You are guaranteed to find work once done with studies
  • You will learn how to translate written documents, interpret in court, at conferences, in the public service or in business contexts.

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