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The Office of the Dean of Students, is fully engaged in the task of helping transform the university environment into one in which gifted and deserving students with disability will have an equal opportunity to acquire an education and as much as possible participate in the various aspects of university life. This includes facilitating access to university buildings, providing services, awareness activities and advocating for accommodating university policies and procedures. The following support services are available;

  • Advocacy and /or advice on issues related to disability
  • Suitable accommodation for students with disability.
  • Provision of disability aids such as hearing aids,
  • Repair and maintenance of mobility, visual and auditory aids
  • Sign language training and interpreter services for the hearing impaired
  • Braille services and printed material in alternative formats for the visually impaired
  • Consultative and counselling support for students with disabilities
  • Transport within and outside of the University for students with physical disabilities.

Our mission is to provide an enabling environment for students with disabilities so that they can successfully complete their studies and become productive members of the society.

Background of Special Needs Students / Disability

One of the critical aspect of educational landscape is accessibility.  The United Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and the Kenya Persons with Disability Act 2003 requires institutions of higher learning to provide equitable access to educational opportunities for students with disabilities.  Major types of disabilities may include but are not limited to physical/mobility, vision, Deafness and difficulty hearing and albinism.

The University of Nairobi has long been in the forefront in providing reasonable accommodation and services to students with disabilities. This has seen an influx of students with disability enrolled in various degree programs in the recent past.  The office of the Dean of Students has been providing disability support services “on as-needed basis “.

In an effort to improve disability services, the Office of the Dean of Students held two major awareness workshops for the entire University of Nairobi management in 2002 and 2004. At the time, enrolment of students with disabilities was approximately twenty five (25). One of the major outcome of this sensitization workshop was the provision of a disability van by the then Vice Chancellor Professor Crispus Makau Kiamba. Since then disability services at the university has improved tremendously.

Current activities

The disability section’s main concern is making the University of Nairobi learning environment conducive for persons with disabilities. To this end, the following activities are currently being implemented;-

Sign language interpretation support services

In an effort to provide equal opportunities for the Deaf, the Office of the Dean of Students first engaged the services of sign language interpreter cum secretary on a temporary basis in 2004. This is after it emerged that there was no post for sign language interpreter and as such, the person engaged had to have shorthand secretarial qualification apart from having sign language skills. However, the interview was canceled owing to the fact that the advertised post was not that of a secretary as expected. Currently the section  boasts of having in place five (5) sign language interpreters who provide sign language interpretation for both Deaf students and staff as well as on any occasion such as first year orientation, graduation, meeting, conference, seminar etc

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